Employment or Work Visa Requirements

Employment or Work visas are issued to : The employee who sign contract with the company in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  1. A passport valid for at least six (6) months, with at least two (2) clear visa pages adjacent to each other.
  2. Two (2) recent passport size color photograph with a white background; the photograph must be a full-face view in which the visa applicant is facing the camera directly. Side or angled views are NOT accepted.
  3. A completed application form filled in or printed. 
  4. The original letter from the company in Saudi Arabia sponsoring the applicant, certified both by a Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This letter MUST indicate the block visa number and date as well as the position and name of the person requested.
  5. A certified and notarized copy of the applicants university degree or diploma.
  6. A copy of the employment contract signed by both the sponsor and the applicant. The position mentioned in the contract should match the position mentioned in the block visa reference, as should the academic degree the applicant holds and its major.
  7. A release letter from the previous employer, if the applicant has worked in the Kingdom before. This applies only if the last employment in the Kingdom ended within the last three (3) years.(CV)
  8. A Medical report, This medical report must be issued by a licensed Hospital. (Bangkok hospital only)
  9. A recent police report, with detailed information about applicant’s criminal record, if any.
  10. A copy of Bank statement update before six month.
  11. A copy of confirmed Tickets or Itinerary.
  12. Company’s name, address and telephone in Saudi Arabia.